Where did our principles go?

  1. Shelve this idea for watering down Indian-Aussie’s citizenship
  2. Immediately earmark/ do an audit of federal and state government facilities that would be suitable to house returning travellers
  3. Bring back planeloads of Indian Australians and Australia PR holders stranded overseas
  4. Offer to bring back the families of people living in India who are in danger of being killed in this crisis
  5. Immediately lift restrictions on citizens and pr holders leaving Australia
    There is enough information out there on how little the government is willing to do to bring back its citizens. Migrants or Australians with family overseas are well informed of the risks. Should they choose to go in spite of these risks, because of desperation, let them.



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Gaby D'Souza

Gaby D'Souza


Econo nerd. Kitten-obsessed but it's validated by my other occupation - one of the editors-in-chief @econlolcats. Also tweets from @act_yen. Usual disclaimers